Free Crypto Airdrops:

Earn Only1

LIKE tokens

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Wonder Airdrop


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GBox Airdrop

1200 GBOX

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BXIE Infinity

100 BXIE + NFT

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Cyber Trade

NFT pre-register

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9.5 XTM

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Chingari Airdrop

100 GARI

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Quahl Airdrop

Quahl tokens

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CMC Diamonds

10 diamonds

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CMC Airdrops

Many airdrops

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What are Free Cryptocurrency Airdrops?

The "Other airdrops" item used on our CoinMegaTrend includes all kinds of free airdrops. For example, distributions on exchanges, distributions through gleam forms, Google forms, distributions for registration on company websites, distribution of NFT tokens, distributions via telegram bots and many others. All these types of distribution of cryptocurrencies are united by the fact that they do not require any investments, but only your registrations and various actions in social networks.

Any cryptocurrency giveaway was created with the aim of increasing brand awareness and attracting new investors. By distributing a small part of cryptocurrency tokens, companies do without the involvement of SMMs and huge investments in advertising (which may turn out to be unprofitable). That is why this area was, is and will not disappear anywhere due to the high demand in the struggle for customers and competition between projects and we can get free cryptocurrency tokens without investments for simple actions.

Our site conducts only a partial check of each project, for a better understanding of the airdrop project, you can study it in detail yourself. If project request any cash or cryptocurrency funds to receive an award from the project, we strongly discourage doing this, since any project, even from the top 100 list of cryptocurrencies, may subsequently turn out to be fraudulent.