Billionaire David Rubenstein Rules Out Bitcoin’s Disappearance

David Rubenstein, the co-founder of Carlyle Group, revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that he would be interested in purchasing the first cryptocurrency during its early developmental stages.

“There is immense global interest in the ability to possess something that can be transmitted outside the purview of governments and kept secret. You can say people shouldn’t do it, but that won’t stop them,” he explained.

The billionaire pointed out that the largest asset manager, BlackRock, and investment giant Fidelity Investments have filed applications with the SEC to launch ETFs based on digital gold.

“If mighty BlackRock wants to have a Bitcoin ETF, perhaps Bitcoin must be somewhere in the vicinity for a while,” the co-founder of Carlyle Group added.

In May 2021, Rubenstein dismissed the idea of cryptocurrencies disappearing. According to him, digital assets will remain part of the financial landscape for many years.

Recalling in September 2022, the billionaire disclosed personal investments in crypto companies and optimistically assessed the industry’s prospects, despite market downturns.

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