Gitcoin Passport: AntiSybilAssembly Campaign on Galxe

The Gitcoin team has launched a campaign on Galxe, offering the chance to earn OAT and points based on your Gitcoin Score. If you don’t have a Gitcoin Passport yet, you can refer to our guide.

OAT Distribution Based on Gitcoin Score

Egg: Gitcoin Score 1-10. Proto-Being: Gitcoin Score 10-20. Earthling: Gitcoin Score 20-30. Awakened Being: Gitcoin Score 30-40. Super Human: Gitcoin Score 40-50. Demi-God: Gitcoin Score 50-60. Chosen One: Gitcoin Score 60-70.

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to participate in the Gitcoin Passport’s Galxe campaign to earn OAT.

Acquiring OAT

Visit the website, connect your wallet, and click on the first OAT.

Expand the Gitcoin Passport Score tab and click on Detail:

Click on My Value to fetch your score:

Note: If the score doesn’t appear, navigate to the Gitcoin Passport website, connect your wallet, wait for the score to display, and then return to Galxe.

Return to the campaign page and claim the available OAT:


If you already have a Gitcoin Passport, this campaign won’t take much of your time. If you don’t, it’s advisable to get one, as in the future, some projects might use it to differentiate between genuine users and multi-account holders during airdrop claims.

Key Points

Gitcoin Passport is required for participation. More OAT is available with a higher Gitcoin Score. Deadline is August 12, 2023.

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  1. GTC

    The Gitcoin Passport’s Galxe campaign seems like a great opportunity to earn OAT and points based on your Gitcoin Score. Ensuring a higher Gitcoin Score could potentially yield more rewards. The deadline of August 12th adds a sense of urgency to participate.

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