Kakarot zkEVM: Review of the cryptocurrency project

Kakarot zkEVM: Accelerating Ethereum Smart Contracts with Scalability

Kakarot zkEVM is a cutting-edge technology that aims to leverage the benefits of validity rollups for scaling while maintaining compatibility with the Ethereum ecosystem. Written in the Cairo programming language, Kakarot zkEVM serves as a bridge to run Ethereum smart contracts on the Starknet blockchain.

Introducing Kakarot zkEVM

Kakarot zkEVM represents a pivotal advancement in the blockchain landscape. It operates as an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) implementation, designed using the Cairo programming language. This innovation brings the compatibility of Ethereum to the Starknet blockchain, allowing developers to build decentralized applications seamlessly.

The Pre-Seed Stage

Announced in June 2023, Kakarot zkEVM’s pre-seed funding round attracted investments from notable figures such as Vitalik Buterin and StarkWare, the parent company of Starknet. Additionally, LambdaClass and Rand Hindi joined the roster of investors. The exact investment amount remains undisclosed.

Key Features of Kakarot zkEVM

  • EVM Compatibility: One of Kakarot zkEVM’s standout features is its full compatibility with Ethereum. Developers can utilize their existing tools and smart contracts on Starknet without any modifications.

  • Scalability: Kakarot zkEVM harnesses the scalability advantages of Validity Rollups, STARKs, and the CairoVM architecture. By batching verifiable transactions, it facilitates faster and more efficient processing.

  • High Security: As part of the zkRollup technical stack, Kakarot zkEVM inherits its security from Ethereum Layer 1 through validity proofs. This ensures the integrity of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

The Roadmap Ahead

Kakarot zkEVM’s development journey unfolds across three phases:

  • Integration with Starknet: In this stage, Kakarot zkEVM seamlessly integrates with Starknet’s Layer 2 blockchain, enabling Ethereum-compatible smart contracts to run efficiently.

  • Collaboration with Madara and Layer 3 zkEVM: Kakarot teams up with Madara, a key node in the Starknet network, to introduce Layer 3, potentially even Layer 4 and 5. This layer aims to enhance security and further reduce transaction fees.

  • Introduction of zkEVM Type 1: Kakarot zkEVM endeavors to support Ethereum’s expansion through zkEVM, a process that requires significant efforts and time to complete. This stage involves rewriting Ethereum’s consensus algorithms for Cairo and transitioning from Pedersen Merkle Patricia Tree to Keccak MPT for storage.

The Team, Investors, and Partners

The team behind Kakarot zkEVM comprises seasoned professionals:

  • Elias Tazartes: Co-Founder and CEO, formerly a developer at Theodo.
  • Clément Walter: CTO, previously founder of Starksheet and AI engineer at IBM.
  • Danilo Kim: Co-Founder, boasting extensive blockchain experience.

In addition, Kakarot zkEVM received investments from industry leaders like Vitalik Buterin and StarkWare. Strategic partners of the project are yet to be disclosed.

In Conclusion

Kakarot zkEVM is pioneering a new era of Ethereum scalability. By combining the compatibility of Ethereum with the advancements of Starknet, it bridges the gap between existing smart contracts and a more scalable future. As the project progresses through its development stages, the potential impact on the blockchain landscape becomes increasingly evident.

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    Kakarot zkEVM represents an exciting step towards scaling the Ethereum network. The ability to use existing smart contracts on the Starknet blockchain while maintaining compatibility with Ethereum promises significant improvements in performance and efficiency. This is an interesting contribution to the development of blockchain technology.

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