Taiko: Engaging in the Fourth Testnet Phase + Galxe Campaign

Taiko is a novel ZK-Rollup project that’s still in its early stages but has already captured attention and accolades from Vitalik Buterin for their commendable work on zkEVM. Unlike competitors such as Scroll or zkSync, Taiko enables developers of various Ethereum network dApps to seamlessly migrate their applications to the L2 Taiko without any changes to their code.

The project’s team has announced the fourth testnet phase, introducing their own L3 Eldfell. In this guide, we’ll illustrate how you can interact with the new network and delve into the Galxe campaign.

Guide to Activities

To engage with the new L3 network Eldfell, you’ll need tokens on the L2 network, which you acquired in the previous guide. If you haven’t undertaken activities from the prior guide yet, it’s advisable to first acquaint yourself with it before proceeding to this one.

Note: You’ll require a wallet like MetaMask for this process. If you don’t have one, you can utilize our guide to install and set it up.


In the preparation phase, we’ll add the new Eldfell network and import test tokens.

Navigate to the website and click on “Connect to Eldfell.” Subsequently, confirm the addition of the network by clicking “Approve.”

Click on “Add Eldfell tokens” and confirm the import of three tokens by clicking “Add token” three times.

Great! We’ve completed the preparation and are ready to move on to the main guide.

Utilizing the L2 to L3 Bridge

Navigate to the website and connect your wallet to the Grimsvotn L2 network. Enter the desired amount and click on “Bridge.” Confirm the transaction in your wallet:

Note: If your balance is zero, it means you don’t have tokens on the Taiko L2 network. The detailed steps to obtain tokens are outlined in the guide. You need to transfer more than 0.15 ETH.

The transaction might take a while. It will be completed when the status changes to “Claimed” in the Transactions tab:

Note: It’s crucial to wait until the transaction status changes before proceeding.

Navigate back to the Bridge tab and perform the same steps as with ETH, but this time bridge the HORSE and BULL tokens:

Note: If the transaction status shows as Failed, please repeat the action.

After the transfers, all transactions will be displayed on the Transactions tab:

Swapping Tokens and Adding Liquidity

Navigate to the website and connect your wallet to the Eldfell network. Choose any token pair, input the desired amount, and click on Swap:

Note: The swap amount must be at least 0.1 ETH. You need to perform swaps for ETH/BULL, ETH/TTKO, and ETH/HORSE pairs.

Next, proceed to the Liquidity tab and click on the Add Liquidity button:

Similarly, select two arbitrary tokens, input the desired amount, click on Approve and Supply, and confirm all transactions:

Return to the liquidity adding tab. Select your pool and click on Remove:

Note: If you don’t see your pool, click on Import it and select the tokens you added to the pool.

Drag the slider, press Approve, then Remove, and confirm all transactions.

Deploying the smart contract

Deploying the smart contract follows the same procedure as described in the previous guide, but instead of selecting the Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet, you should choose Taiko Eldfell L3.

Galxe Campaign

The project’s team has launched the Galxe campaign, offering us the opportunity to participate in various activities and earn points. This resembles something similar to what the Linea project had. We have already completed on-chain activities above; now, we just need to take a short quiz and perform social activities.

Note: To earn the maximum number of points, you’ll need a Galxe Passport or Gitcoin Passport with a score of over 20. You can find detailed instructions on obtaining the Galxe Passport in the Linea Voyage guide. For detailed instructions on the Gitcoin Passport, you can find them here.

Navigate to the page and complete the social tasks, then claim your points by clicking on “Claim.”

Next, proceed to the task “Quiz: Taiko alpha-3 testnet questions.” Click on “Start” and answer the questions. Answers: D, C, B.

The final task is “Quiz: Type 1, 2, 3, and 4 ZK-EVMs.” Answers: B, C, C, D, B.

Once you’ve completed all the points on this page, move on to the next one. Complete the social tasks one by one and then proceed to the quiz: Answers: B, C, A, C, D.

Collect points for the last two tasks by simply clicking on “Claim.”

Navigate to the campaign’s main page and claim points for the Galxe Passport or Gitcoin Passport by clicking on “Claim.”


The project is advancing and continually adding new functionality to its blockchain. At the moment, it’s unclear whether the team has plans to distribute any drops. However, as the testnet progresses without requiring investments, it’s advisable to engage in the activities and make sure to claim points on Galxe. Perhaps, they might distribute commemorative NFTs, similar to what happened with Linea, or these points might eventually be convertible into something more valuable.

Key Takeaways

Activities are free. Claim points without fail. The Galxe campaign deadline is September 30, 2023. ETH on L2 is required for participation. Running a node is possible. Ensure to select the correct network when deploying contracts.

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